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Blint Shakes was founded on the principle of combining both health and convenience to you, our customers. The health component lies within our formulas. Each formula is a fusion of 100% whey protein and a variety of freeze-dried fruits and or vegetables. We didn't stop there. In understanding that convenience was of equal importance, we developed high-tech automated retail units. These machines blend a variety of shakes on demand and dispense in under a minute. 

This means: no waiting time, 24/7 service and the absence of preservatives as seen in other products from automated machines.

At Blint, We are always looking for new business partners and franchisees who share in our mission to provide health and convenience to customers across Canada. We have developed an enticing revenue sharing business model that promotes hard work and growth amongst our partners. If you are a fitness center, recreation complex, high school/university, hospital, office building or other institution that wishes to enhance your customer/employee experience, you should consider a Blint machine.

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