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 To take Corporate Logo’s and family Crest to an uncommon level; Frebetoa Mosaics is all about your design, tiles your style.  Striving to give any project, from large scale to the most intricate minute detailing, the best customized layout finish.


Mosaics are a wonderful way to show your presence, stand point and that you are there to stay. Express you creativity, let’s you be an individual. With an undeniable feel of class, success and wealth. They portray quality history, they are durable and will save you money over time.


Established in 2016.


 “For the love of creativity and self expression and coming from an artistic background along with personal design education has driven me to finally use an ancient art form. Years ago I stumbled upon mosaics and loved the intricacy, hard work, and creative design that goes behind each unique creation.


 After dabbling with and studying composition techniques of mosaics I became inspired to create some of my own works.  My ambitious and very creative wife and I decided that there must be people that appreciate this timeless, long lasting and beautiful art.


Our focus is to take people’s ideas and turn them into unique installations in a variety of methods that can either make them stand out from the normal tiling work or immortalize images or designs close to them.


Our business is built on working close with the client to make sure that all aspects of the design are met; from image, colors, and application to ensure the finished piece is what you wanted.”


~Tim Simard, Co-Owner of Frebetoa Mosaics


Tile Art & Co. Service




 -Corporate logo tile floor inlay or plaque

 -Family Crests mosaic inlay

 -Custom walls/wall-hangings mosaics

 -Mosaic tile table/counter tops

 -Kitchen or bathroom back-splashes

 -Flagstone pathways


Frebetoa has the experience in tile materials of many kinds; mesh inlays, ceramic, porcelain, V.C.T., natural stones, your preference for renovations/decorations or innovating.

 You want to have a look of your own on your renovations by getting your tiles done with a specific design of your choice.

 By having your logo/crest or design on mesh, we are able to place into your existing floor or wall. Giving an undeniable feel of class and wealth to your industry or to your home. It will portray quality and that your are there to stay.


Our maintenance services

For any company, it is important to adapt, improve and utilize it's present skill set. Which in this case with Frebetoa, with over 20 years in construction of all sort, we possess a set of great skills that should be put to extended use. 


We believe that property maintenance to be an essential part of our general contracting company, whether small or large.



Property maintenance is the type of service that home owners and businesses contract when they have little time to maintain their property professionally. Occupied owners and owners of commercial real estate can get a viable solution from us.


Repairing surfaces - Exterior walls, dry walls, etc. Involves small hole filling caused by screws, minor nails and weathering damages. Often needed when a home/business owner sells their possession, a new landlord settles in or simply in need of seasonal maintenance renovation.


Cleaning - this includes maintaining cleanliness from weathering exposure in areas such as stairs, patios, porches, decks, & balconies, recreation areas, clubs, etc.


Painting - It involves alterations that often have to be painted once the repair is done. Applying the paint to the any areas of the property such as soffit, fascia, garage doors, patios, etc. (Doing repairs to such areas prior to painting, if needed.)


Deck and fence upgrade- It involves alterations or replacement to existing structures. Such as broken boards,  old weathered wood and additions or modification.


Saves you effort and time


When you contract us, you will be saving significant efforts and time you would be using otherwise in doing it yourself, no matter how minor the issue may seem. When working on your contract, we would be working with your time frame advise, thus never be in your way.

When doing your own maintenance, do you save money?

Not all folks are able to handle their own home repairs. Well, of course if you are, it could be a superb way to save money when doing your budget maintenance. If you are a skilled individual and you can manage basic fixes, tasks, and home repairs, you can exempt yourself from calling professionals. Nevertheless, how much are you able to do and how much time will you lose during the repair? Will the repair or installation last? Even whit skills, time and money, it is the ultimate to allow a committed professional to do the job for you.


To be noted, your lifestyle and work schedule  when taking on projects can become affected and a unwanted stress factor.


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